Digital Marketing


We want to make sure you are getting the exposure you deserve

Regardless of the size of your business, a well structured digital marketing plan makes all the difference.

Digital marketing is the online component of your company’s marketing plan, and due to the rapid adoption of mobile technology, it is an increasingly important part of your overall communication strategy.  We can help you create a digital marketing plan to manage your search engine results ranking, improve customer engagement and generate sales.

As with all marketing and communication efforts, understanding your return on investment is critical.  All of our services come with the identification of the benchmark metrics that matter most to you, so that you can determine – and quantify – the success of each campaign.

Our services include:


The goal of search engine marketing (SEM) is to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERP).

When customers search online for your products or services, your SERP rank is most likely to determine whether or not they will find your business.  To improve or maintain your rank, basic SEO is fundamental.  And essential.  SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process, or when people need your site.

Because Google and Bing update their search engine criteria several times each year, frequent keyword research and optimization is required.

    • We provide timely reviews and analytics of how your your website ranks in the search engine results, based on keywords
    • We then make these insights actionable by ensuring that your optimal keywords are included not just in your website, but across all your communication channels

In addition to growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results, SEO enhances pay per click (PPC) listings.


Google paid advertising will allow you to reach more customers, as your ad will appear when selected keywords are searched.  Cost depends on budget as ads are pay per click. 

    • We set up and manage Adword programs, based on keyword analysis, to increase the number of qualified visitors to your site


Once a customer has reached your site, the content must immediately grab their attention.  Outdated content not only sinks your search engine ranking results, it immediately signals to your customers that your website is stale.  Timely, relevant and useful content encourages return visits and creates engagement, which is key to converting site visitors into paying customers. 

    • We write content that engages your target audience, and is consistent with your brand, employing the keywords that best define your business


The best results – improving brand awareness, greater customer engagement and increasing sales – happen when your digital marketing strategy is fully integrated.  This means linking your website to all of your social media accounts and coordinating your message across all channels.

    • We can help you set up account profiles, with consistent use of keywords and branding
    • We make sure existing content is tagged and relevant, and will work with you to post content at the right time to the right audience


Direct email is one of the most effective marketing tools available and should be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. 

    • We can help you plan and implement specific, targeted campaigns that reach the intended audience, in a low cost and effective manner
  • Palmer Andersen has been our go-to partner for the past few years, helping us create campaign sites and redesign all of our corporate websites, intranet, and online quote tools. James and his team are knowledgeable and flexible, supporting us as needed. Sometimes we call on them for designs. Sometimes we need design and development. And, sometimes we just need help identifying where to start! We’re able to count on Palmer Andersen for fresh ideas, sound advice, and well-built websites that are responsive and AODA compliant. They deliver on time, on budget and are easy to work with. We couldn’t ask for a better business partner.

    Shannon Hilker Manager, Web Marketing - Marketing & Communications - The Co-operators